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  • DonPetru Electronic Projects (free and pay-per-view)

    I have opened this section to gather here at least some of the projects I have worked on since the late 1990s and up until now. Most of these projects have arrived in the finalized version, tested, others represent only simple prototypes, some quite successful. Since most of these projects are on paper, their transposition into electronic format takes some time and as a result, their presentation will be made gradually, starting today and in the years to come. So, there will be projects, older, newer, most of them focused on the audio field. The projects that I will present here have the following coding: DPYYZZ where: - DP - comes from the initials of my name; - YY - represents the domain code of which the electronic scheme is part: 01 - audio amplifiers; 02 - audio preamplifiers; 03 - audio tone correctors; 04 - automation in the household; 05 - applications with microcontrollers (including programmers and development boards); 06 - radio frequency (especially antenna TV amplifiers - this is the area where we started the steps towards this hobby called electronics); 07 - power supplies (including fixed and adjustable voltage stabilizers, classic and SMPS power supplies, etc.); 08 - various kits that do not fall into the aforementioned categories; 09 - a section dedicated to acoustic enclosures projects. - ZZ - represents the number of the circuit presented (01 ... 10 ... etc.). !!! The projects will not be presented in any particular order.
      1. DP 01 series

        Audio Amplifiers Projects
        • No records here yet
      2. DP 02 series

        Audio Preamplifiers Projects
        • No records here yet
      3. DP 03 series

        Audio ton controller projects
        • No records here yet
      4. DP 04 series

        Home automation
        • No records here yet
      5. DP 05 series

        Applications with microcontrollers and ARM
        • No records here yet
      6. DP 06 series

        Antennas, Wi-Fi, RF circuits and filter design, TV amplifiers
        • No records here yet
      7. DP 07 series

        Various power supplies, SMPS, inverters etc.
        • No records here yet
      8. DP 08 series

        Various projects that do not fit into any previous category
        • No records here yet
      9. DP 09 series

        A section dedicated to acoustic enclosure projects or acoustics
        • No records here yet
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