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    Various technical articles from various fields such as: analog, digital, power electronics, automation, test, measurmeant, auto and railways fields.
      1. Analog

        Various theoretical articles from analog electronics, including Operational Amplifiers, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Variable Gain Amplifiers, Comparators, Logarithmic Amplifiers, Analog Multipliers, Sample / Hold Amplifiers, Analog Switches and Multiplexing, Voltage References and Analog Circuit Simulation
      2. Digital

        In this section we have added useful information about microcontrollers (PIC, Atmel), ARMs, logic gates, Combinational Logic Circuits, Flip-Flops and Sequential Circuits, Register and Counters, Memory, Programmable Logic and Data Communication
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      3. Power Electronics

        Power electronics plays an increasingly important role in many technical fields (auto, naval, railway) and in this section I tried to add some of the most representative articles necessary not only to the engineer but also to the students (you will find here useful information about SMPS, inverters ...).
      4. Automation, Robotics & Control

        Here you will find a number of articles from the industrial automation sector, including PLCs, PID control systems, SCADA & process control systems ...
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      5. Test, Sensor Design and Measurement

        Test equipment selection, measurement techniques, best practices (ie. oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, etc.)
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      6. Auto, Maritime and Railway

        Various articles with technical specifications (electric, electronic, electromechanical) in the automotive, maritime and railway fields.
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      7. Other articles

        Other articles that do not fall into the above categories: General Science, Physics & Math, Machine Learning, Wireless & RF Design, AI & Neural Networks...
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